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My aim

Since 2009 I have been building with my colleagues a purely Czech company with a vision to combine reliable and fast transport of shipments with logistics services under one roof. Every year, we invest considerable funds in digitisation and automation and the investment yields significant cost savings to our clients. And we are always looking for opportunities for further efficiencies.

International and domestic transport

FTL - full-truck load consignments

Fast transport method where the entire loading area of the vehicle is dedicated to your consignment only. The transport is direct, straight from point A to the destination point B.

-  International transport within and outside the EU

-  Goods delivery to the destination at the agreed time  

-  Modern vehicles, 1.5 t to 24 t, with sufficient capacity to accommodate large-volume consignments

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international and domestic transport

Ondřej Satrapa

Xpress Trans founder

What do we offer?






shipment/goods distribution

Where to find us?

Our warehouses are located in the Segro Logistics Park, 253 01 Hostivice, near exit 2 on the D6 motorway.

-  total area 5 600 m 2

-  14 loading ramps including a drive-on ramp

-  rack system

-  warehouse capacity up to  8 000 Euro pallets

-  open-air storage


Distribution of goods

Customs services


custom services

Xpress Trans s. r. o.

CIN 29011141, TIN CZ29011141

Registered in the commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 159754

Company address

Dvořákova 421, 252 64 Velké Přílepy

Offices and warehouse 

K dálnici 1394 hala F, Segro Logistics Park, 253 01 Hostivice

U dálnice 1392 hala J, Segro Logistics Park, 253 01 Hostivice

Branch office 

Beranových 140, 190 00 Praha 9



Ondřej Satrapa, ondrej.satrapa@xpresstrans.cz


Jana Satrapová, jana.satrapova@xpresstrans.cz

Forwarding and transport

info@xpresstrans.cz, +420 773 792 969            


sklad@xpresstrans.cz, +420 773 747 047



LTL - less then truck load

LTL is a cost-efficient form of transport, where the consignment is transported along with several other consignments and the customer only pays for the part of the vehicle’s loading area they use for their transport. LTL is suitable for medium and small consignments that are distributed successively along the vehicle’s route.

-  International transport within and outside the EU

-  Consignment delivery according to the customer's requirements

-  Modern vehicles, 1 t to 24 t, with a sufficient capacity

JIT - just-in-time

JIT or express transport, i.e. transport based on fixed and agreed deadlines. 

-  Fixed delivery date, time slots  

-  Strong emphasis on delivery needs and requirements (such as production needs)

FCL/LCL - container transport

Container transport is used for import and export consignments, especially to distant destinations.

-  Binding capacities for FCL marine containers  

-  Option to provide non-standard container types  

-  Container delivery according to customer requirements

-  Obtaining and processing all necessary documentation and necessary actions related to the transport

Consignment insurance

Consignment insurance, even beyond the CMR convention, according to the customer's needs (cargo insurance). Cargo insurance is a very specific insurance product that covers potential risks that may occur during the transport of your consignment. For more intensive insurance protection of the cargo, our team will recommend to customers additional insurance of the transported consignment, including transport cost insurance.


Customer care and feedback from customers are very important to us. If necessary, our team will advise on and suggest the most suitable design and help implement the transport and logistics processes.

Groupage is a cost-effective way of arranging “door-to-door” parcel delivery. Xpress Trans operates a regular groupage line between the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. We use terminals in Milan, Barcelona and Hostivice near Prague to distribute shipments.  Our main groupage partner in Italy is Sogedim srl. In Spain, our partner is M.C. Trinter, S.A.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive customer care, ranging from transport, through handling to storage. Xpress Trans operates modern warehousing facilities in the Segro Logistic Park in Hostivice near Prague. We offer both rack-system and open-space storage capacities to our customers. We currently operate a capacity of 8,000 pallet places and 5,600 m 2 of storage space. The storage space is variably adapted to the needs of customers; we also offer storage in a customs warehouse. We are ready to arrange operative and smooth distribution of components for production or dispatch of finished products. Thanks to the precise bar code-based registration of the stored items, customers remain informed of their stock level.

Short-term and long-term storage

Open space high-capacity racking system warehouse logistics. Controlled temperature and humidity in storage areas. Electronic storage area security through central security board, CCTV. 


In storage areas, handling operations are conducted using modern handling equipment, pallet jacks and forklifts.  Small, fragile and itemised goods are handled by our trained staff. 

Cross - Dock transhipment

-  We provide vehicle-to-vehicle transhipment of your consignments. The transhipment operation is typical for shipments transferred from groupage lines to distribution networks. 

-  Putting consignments together and sorting them  

-  Labelling, tagging and other marking of consignments 

-  Provision of documentation  

Warehouse management records

-  Keeping records in the WMS

-  On-line interfacing and compatibility with client's software 

-  Automated FIFO, LIFO etc. 

Other / value added services

-  Labelling of consignments

-  Sorting, consolidation, packing

- Consultancy and analyses of clients’ logistics needs 

-  Provision of documentation  

-  Packaging logistics (packaging account management, packaging take-back)

-  Insurance of the goods stored 

-  Regular export and import departures of collection vehicles/trucks  

-  Regular delivery intervals  

-  Competitive freight rates

-  Personalised approach and flexibility

-  Consignment insurance, even beyond the CMR convention according to the customer's preferences (so-called Cargo Insurance) 

There is a story behind every consignment. Some customers need cartons of their favourite beverage delivered to welcome their guests to their restaurant, while other customers are waiting for a package of holiday clothes. Each consignment is different, but important. That is why it is our fundamental goal to ensure the fastest possible distribution of the goods to customers. 

-  Customs declaration obtained through reputable partners  

- Option to keep a customs warehouse in our warehouse 

-  Temporary customs warehouse

- Intrastat, import and export customs clearance

- Comprehensive processing and submission of intra-EU trade statistical reports

-  Registration with the customs office

-  Representation in dealing with public authorities

-  Advisory services  

-  Distribution to the end customers / B2C distribution in cooperation with our partners

-  Distribution to shopping centres and stores / B2B distribution

-  We will make sure the delivery is on time during the unloading slot

- Distribution to retail and wholesale networks 

-  Distribution to restaurants 

We are currently implementing Project No. CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/16_043/0005532, co-financed from EU funds, which is aimed at training and developing our employees.  


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